Whats the Nona 411?

Hey everyone!

Hope your all keeping well just bringing you a quick update on what happening with me. So it’s been a busy week for me been using all my spare time working on new posts and the blog I’m sure you’ve noticed. So the last week has been very exciting for blog. My three outfits that were featured on LOOK Magazines website and received a few mentions on LOOK’s Twitter and Facebook page which I was well chuffed with. I’ve won a blog giveaway where I napped some jewellery I will do a post on them when they arrive!! I never win anything so I cant wait to receive them in the post. So dont forget to enter my bag giveaway if you havent already head click here.

I’m still stoked about being on the list of nominations for Grafton Media Blog Awards Ireland. They had the launch party on Monday night which looked like so much fun I really wish I could have made it but it was not to be. Really excited to see the short list of nominations on the 8th of September. I’ve had so much blog traffic come from the Blog Awards Ireland website and LOOK magazine website over the last week which is really amazing! Cupcakes all round!!

I’m heading to Georgia (yes the country next to Turkey) for 5 days on Friday last minute decision but hey why not? Ross can get some extra days off work so there will be four of us travelling there which is gonna be so much fun! I spent today reading up with my lonely planet is sounds so interesting and I’m dying to try there Khinkali (meat dumplings) and there also known for there white wine! I will tell you all about it next week, the weather is HOT HOT so time to work on my tan (win win).. I’m busy deciding what outfits to bring my room looks like a bomb exploded! I hope to do a few outfit posts from the trip as well so stay tuned in.

I’ve had three readers tell me that they miss “Nona in the City” over the last few weeks. To be honest I miss her too! How are you guys feeling about the changeover? been dying to know what people think? leave me comments below. I’ve done a bit of a spring cleaning on the pages of the blog so you’ll notice Nona in the City hanging in the top right corner. That page is now reserved for any Nona/Blog updates or new outfit posts. So if you haven’t visited the blog in a while you can always click on that page to know what’s been going down with me.

Gotta fly and make something to eat then clean this mess I call a bedroom!
Nona xx