I’ve been featured on IrishTimes.com

So I’m still in a little giddy after being mentioned on IRISHTIMES.COM yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet do check it out its a must read for any blogger. The writer Rosemary Mac Cabe of Fash Mob gives a very honest and detailed review of what she finds endearing about blogs and what she thinks are blogging cardinal sins, as always a very witty read. My page views sky-rocketed last night! Virtual high five to you Rosemary!! Read the full article 
So I’ve just spent the last hour back tracking through my 97 posts and crediting all my image sources. Something I should have been doing since the beginning. Now with that done I definitely deserve a cup of tea and to start getting ready for my trip to Georgia so excited!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Nona xx
(Image Via IrishTimes.com)