My most memorable movie fashion moments

I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic today after seeing the spice girls performing last night, remembering how they used to dress and how the tip of my nose was nearly hitting the TV screen anytime they released a new single. I recently watched the movie “Clueless” again for the first time since it had been released and the fashion, music and even the one liners reeked the 90’s. Its amazing how these movies can really capture a little of your childhood. So it got me thinking about some iconic fashion I have seen through the years and I’ve decided I would share my most memorable movie fashion moments.
Now guys just so were clear I didn’t say “most fashionable” I said “most memorable” just so were on the same page. So I’m going to start with my earliest movie love……and a movie soundtrack that is still my number one favourite today….

Romeo & Juliet-The white dress Claire Danes wore in this movie complete with angel wings set my heart fluttering. I remember being in the cinema at the age of 16 and thinking I’d died and gone to heaven. Of course the boy crush I had on Leonardo at the time had alot of something to do with that! And how me and my friend Caz sat outside the cinema waiting two hours before it opened might show how over excited we were to watch this movie.

True Romance- Patricia Arquette’s pink leopard print pants teamed with her bright accessories and  red lipstick. From the minute she arrives on the scene she adores bold trashy outfits that would only work in a 90’s movie.

How to lose a guy in 10 days- Kate Hudson wore an amazing yellow satin full length dress and when she walked out of that hotel room for the first time in my life I wished I was blonde. Kate is forever stunning but in the shimmering yellow gown she really steals the show.

Atonement- Kiera Knightly wore an emerald green dress designed by Jacqueline Durran. This sexy silk number blew me away! Such an amazing colour and I love how the material gathers at her hips and just falls into a train. Stunning! andthis shade of green is so amazing I have to wonder why I have nothing in my wardrobe in this colour? Anyone agree?

Sex and the City – Sarah Jessica Parker. Ok I have tons of Carrie outfits form SATC series but this post is on movies. This was a hard one! So I’ve picked the amazing dress from Lanvin she wore in her Vogue cover shoot. I think it was the oversized pearls that won me over. What an adorable outfit for a low key bride!!

The Other Boylen Girl– Natalie Portman wears this amazing green ball gown as she is introduced to the court as the new bride.

It wouldn’t be fair to just comment on female fashion, what better way to end this post then with some man candy! I really have to say Ryan’s wardrobe in the movie “Crazy stupid love” really was super sleek and I think this deep burgundy suit really say it all. So there you have it! Do you have any favourite fashion moments of your own? Go on share them with me in the comments below. Have a great week where ever you are in the world!
Nona xx

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