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I made the nomination list for the Grafton media blog awards!!

Super excited to tell you I’ve made the nomination list for Grafton Media Blog Awards!! I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that put my blog forward for nomination. I’m absolutely thrilled!! All blogs that have been nominated on this list will go forward to the next round. The short list

I’ve been featured on

So I’m still in a little giddy after being mentioned on IRISHTIMES.COM yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet do check it out its a must read for any blogger. The writer Rosemary Mac Cabe of Fash Mob gives a very honest and detailed review of what she finds endearing about blogs and what she

Wrap up baby its cold outside

I’ve just checked the weather report and by Thursday Copenhagen’s temperature will drop to –1 °C !!! Reality bites and with head colds being all the rage at the moment, I’ve started preparing for this Azerbaijan Winter blowing my way. What better way to stay warm and fashionable then chunky fashion knits, there just what the doctor ordered!!  Emphasise

Whats the Nona 411?

Hey everyone! Hope your all keeping well just bringing you a quick update on what happening with me. So it’s been a busy week for me been using all my spare time working on new posts and the blog I’m sure you’ve noticed. So the last week has been very exciting for blog. My three

Purple Rain: Autumn/ Winter 2012 colour trend

Alberta Ferretti It looks like were spoilt for colour choice this Autumn/ Winter with purple being added to the stage. Purple is a strong and solid transition colour to bring you from Summer to Autumn. Take your pick from shades of lilac, lavender, amethyst, violet, deep plums, aubergine to black currant you’ll be in a purple haze! I

My most memorable movie fashion moments

I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic today after seeing the spice girls performing last night, remembering how they used to dress and how the tip of my nose was nearly hitting the TV screen anytime they released a new single. I recently watched the movie “Clueless” again for the first time since it had been released and

I’ve been featured on LOOK magazines website

So as a few of you know a few of my outfits have been featured on LOOK magazines website for “What I’m wearing”. LOOK have a fashion page on there website dedicated to capturing street style looks from around the globe, with girls adorning there recent highstreet buys. Top outfits go to the hottest looks page and even may