Purple Rain: Autumn/ Winter 2012 colour trend

Alberta Ferretti

It looks like were spoilt for colour choice this Autumn/ Winter with purple being added to the stage. Purple is a strong and solid transition colour to bring you from Summer to Autumn. Take your pick from shades of lilac, lavender, amethyst, violet, deep plums, aubergine to black currant you’ll be in a purple haze! I personally love purple its so strong and vibrant. Its also a great substitute colour for black and it also looks amazing teamed with tan or gold accessories.
Don’t over do this look head to toe or you’ll end up looking like an advertisement for Cadbury’s chocolate. Instead chose a statement purple piece like a skirt for example and team it with a top in lavender or lilac to tone it down and go for a statement necklace to finish off the look. Lets take a look at what the catwalk collections had to offer.

Bottega Ferretti: Strikes two trends in one, purple and the trend that’s going no where Peplums!

Chanel: Add more colours to the mix. A lot of “experts” will tell you not to mix purple with other colours but if done right can look amazing! Take note how bright it looks with fuchsia pink or other shades of purple like damson. Olive green changes the look completely and gives it a quirky 70’s edge that Twiggy would be proud of.

Dior: Team it with dark aubergine and deep black keeping the look more subtle.

“Historically purple was only worn by an elite few, but in Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 it will be for everyone” explains Vogue fashion editor Francesa Burns.

Erdem: Dont hold back and work this deep lavender with black and even work some purple shoes in the equation.

Purple was a huge colour trend in 2009 and I still have an array of choices hanging in my wardrobe. I’ve just gone and checked I have a purple coat, six purple dresses, three purple tops, a purple bag and purple accessories. If you had of asked me did I wear much purple I would have said meh? Yeah I have a few bits, surprise yet again! I’ve even been known to wear purple tights if it suits my outfit. All my pieces are different shades of purple so that has me fairly covered already for this trend.  Anyway *sigh of relieve* I’ll just have a do a little style update on my looks. I bought a deep plum eyeshadow a few months ago to steer me away from brown overuse so I think I’ll invest in some purple nail varnish to add to the mix. Expect to see a few outfit post in this colour!

It really is a colour that suits everyone you just need to choose from the endless shades of what works best with your skin tone. Are you excited about this trend? Is purple a favourite of yours?
Nona xx

(All images via Style.com)