30 Day Challenge

At the weekend I was trying to muster up a plan to give readers more of a low down on Nona and who she is . I came across a little bit of a frenzy going on in the fashion blogger world, a “Fashion Blogger Challenge” brought on by Selina and her blog The Flying Saucer. In a vow to my readers to bring more personality to my blog I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. 

This will be a great motivational challenge for me aswell as I’m not a fan of myself in photo’s. I’m usually the one holding the camera, usually to my friends detriment. Karma has a strange way of finding me and biting me on the ass and this time round it self inflicted! I’ve changed one or two of the questions to keep it fashion but you guys yes my readers get to choose day 30 blogger challenge! Or more if I feel they are more of a challenge they the ones set. The quirkiest question will be featured so email me your idea’s on fionagriffin15@yahoo.com. So for all my FAB readers out there this ones for you!